Alright…I had these stickers made up a couple of weeks ago and had considered just handing them out as time went along…But, in light of yesterdays ASSHATERY by PDT, our fearless Commander of Big Chief Tablets and #2 Pencils and his insistence on letting big money destroy our environment…I’m giving them away for free. It’s real easy, just email me at sbichsel@gmail.com or hit Contact up there and fire me a mailing address and I’ll send one (1) of each of these stickers your way. I have 90 of them left and if the demand is great enough, I’ll have more printed. If by chance you would like to donate some $’s to the cause, you can send it to through Paypal to the same email address or just click HERE.

Be an Unapologetic Obstructionist

A little history….Several weeks ago I was called an “Obstructionist” in a meeting, to which I countered with “Unapologetically so, and thank your for the compliment.” Even though the entire conversation was in jest, the interaction had been playing in mind for several days. Fast forward a few late nights, and with Sturgill Simpson blasting through the headers and Adobe Illustrator at the end of my digits, the Unapologetic Obstructionist graphic was born.

Now, while I shy away from most political deliberation and will delve into those arguments only with those I know to be equally level-headed no matter their affiliation. I do feel it’s my obligation as an artist to make the occasional statement. So, here’s my proposition to you. Being that there is now a near constant threat of trading many of our natural and beautiful places for money, I want to persuade you to also be an #UnapologeticObstructionist when it comes to protecting those natural playgrounds. Not only for us (because that would make us seem small and petty) but also for those souls that will follow in the paths we ultimately protect.

There are rules…and they are as follows:

1. Be unapologetic for standing in the way of someone or something’s progress especially if that someone or somethings sole intent is to harm or otherwise diminish a natural environment for the profit of a few. 

2. Obstruct, by any means necessary, the someone’s or something’s identified in rule 1.

Some definitions:

Unapologetic – Unwilling to make or express an apology. (Urban Dictionary – To be careless and not give a f**k after a certain situation.)

Obstructionist – Deliberate interference with the progress or business, especially of a legislative body. (Urban Dictionary – One who designs or acts in a way that obstructs others, making it difficult or impossible to do what needs to be done. Frequently uses conflict of interest to obstruct others. Also known as an asshole and most likely proud of it.

Go Get Out In It!

Mimbres Pottery

Welcome back! If you follow along, I apologize for the hiatus in content as of late. We took a week off last September and made a trip to bum around northern New Mexico, and while there, I came across a book on Mimbres Pottery. I’ve been struck by the simplicity and beauty of their designs ever since. As a challenge to myself and as a way to step out of the “Fly Fishing” only art. I’ve decided to commit myself to create 12 pieces inspired by this new found style. The combination of learning the history of these people, the natural aesthetics of the region, and using the latest technology to reimagine their work has given me much pleasure in last few months. These are the first 4 of what will be the 12 piece commitment. Enjoy.


I just got in a fresh stack of new stickers…The Get Outside sticker is 4″ x 4″ and the Brown Trout sticker w/ logo is 5.25″ x 2.5″. You can get 1 of each for $5 and a small shipping charge of $1.50, just click the Add To Cart button below the pic to check out through PayPal. Selling in this format is new for me, I’ve always sold through my Etsy shop, so do let me know if you have any issues.

Stacks of Sticks
Stacks of Sticks

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