The 8 Faces of No Posts

Welcome to the new year and some new art…Expect to see some different thing posted over the coming weeks. Fair warning that it will not all be fly fishing related! These images are definitely a part of that “Not” fly fishing related thing I just mentioned.



I call them “The 8 Faces on New.” They were created one night while killing some time in front of the tv. All were completed on the iPad using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

Adventure and inspiration is wherever you happen to find it!


The piece below was done for Abel Reels as a new Tshirt design. If you have followed along for a while, you’ll know that I entered their “Reel Art” contest late last year…and came in second. But a few months later they contacted me about working on this.


This design is a take on the California flag and the fish within the bear is based on California’s State fish, the Golden Trout. The geographer in me took over at some point and I tried to incorporate all the varying geographic regions of the state within the bear. Enough talking…GO BUY ONE HERE!

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…

Recent Additions

Some of the most recent things to come out of the woodshed.

Colorado Flag Trout w / Fly

Colorado Flag Trout w / Fly

Working on expanding my state flag / fish collection. This is the fourth in a series that I am working on as I get request. See the Art page for the Montana, Arizona and Texas fish. The fish was cut with a CNC Router and it was hand painted. If you would like to order one… Click Here

The Stiper

The Stiper

Hand cut with a jig saw and table top scroll saw from 3/4″ red oak. The final dimensions are 27″ X 11.5″. With a galvanized sheet metal backing. If you would like to order one… Click Here

Never be afraid to put yourself out there…Get Out In It!

Fly Fishing’s Venn Diagram

To honor John Venn’s 180th birthday, Google decided to make a handy dandy Google Doodle…And well, I needed to share this anyway and as soon as I saw the Goog this morning I new this was how it had to be done!

No matter how you enjoy fly fishing, be it from the surf, from the banks of a farm pond, right on down to your local river, or some far off destination I can only dream about…The excitement really happens the instant that fish meets your fly! That’s what this piece was all about…Enjoy

Fly Fishing's Venn Diagram

The actual design in the middle is something I did for Revive Fly Fishing. In fact you, you can BUY a shirt and have it strapped across your back everyday…Just click HERE and BUY the shirt already!

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…


My wife leaves town for a couple of weeks, and this happens…My first foray into making a sculpture.

The Suspicious Fishus – 34″ tall and 35″ wide, the base and supports are rough cut mesquite, and the fish is comprised of maple and red oak. All the pieces were hand cut, sanded and fitted.




This piece is available for sale. Contact me directly for pricing and delivery options.

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…