Our dog Gus, passed away one year ago today. He was 14 years old and had lived a life a lot of dogs can only dreams of.

Since Gus went away I have read that there are 3 days one truly remembers in a pets life. The first being the day you meet your new friend and soon to be trusted lifelong companion. The second being the day you see that he has grown old, when his youth turns to age and the inevitable signs of slowing down appear. The third being the day he goes away to sleep on the fluffy pillows in the sky so that they can watch over you and wait until you can be together again.

Well, for Ena and I there are 5210 +/- days worth of memories we remember. Every day filled with stories, most are happy some are sad. There are days we regret that we weren’t around. The countless days we know you spent just waiting for us to come home so that you could give us a welcome kiss and a hug. The walks in the park. The trips to the vet. The emergency trips to the vet at 4:00 in the morning. Paying the vets bill. Playing tug of war with a new toy. Wathcing your curiosity with everything around. Knowing your love and concern for kids. Knowing your lack of love and concern for cats. His willingness to accept a stray dog that needed help. Those blue eye’s. Your missing tooth from getting kicked by a cow. Your broken tooth from that fight with Doblar. The fact that you were “King Dog”. The days you got out and our hearts dropped when you weren’t there. The long day you got shot, which was the same day we got the phone call telling us that you got off of your death bed to chase a cat. The day we found you had cancer, you didn’t really seem to care. All the days you were sick. They way you protected me, mommy, Red and Doblar. All the days that you made our life better just by you being there.

Gus was more than a good dog, he was the BEST dog ever. We miss you!

Some Pics of Gus

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