I’ve got a bone to pick with some kids in the hood. I was on my way home from work one day last week and saw some kids fishing on the local fishin’ pond. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Nothing, really! I’m all for kids fishing.

My beef is with what they were doing with the fish they managed to catch. They kept them! Taken aback, I stopped to ask why they felt the need to keep the fish… there only answer was “because thats what dad does.” Massive parent fail in my book! Anyway, I gave them my top 5 reasons for catching and releasing the fish they caught. I hope they listened and learned something from the old dude cool guy catching and releasing fish he caught on a fly rod.

FlyLines Top 5 Reasons to Catch and Release:

5) So if we come to fish this same pond next week we have something to catch. Protect the Resource!

4) You can buy fish to eat at a grocery store. Protect the Resource!

3) Releasing a fish gives that fish a chance to go make little fish babies. Protect the Resource!

2) Releasing that fish is your chance to pass opportunities to fish along to your buddies. Protect the Resource!

1) So I can catch that damn fish too! My own selfish greed and to Protect the Resource!

Thanks for playing along, now let’s go Fly Fishing!

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