Went for a hike / fly fishing venture on Sunday and came across this heaping pile of shit. I can’t say it was blocking my trail, because to be honest, I was doing some off trail hiking (looking for the optimal spot to enter the river) But, nonetheless it was there, within about 20′ of the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, TX.

I’ve seen more trash than this in rivers. I’ve helped plan, participated in and volunteered for river clean ups. I’ve pulled broken down kayaks, lawn chairs and tires out of rivers while out fly fishing. I’ve manned chainsaws, while wearing waders, to clear log jams out of rivers. But, more importantly I’ve stood in the middle of pristine rivers and wandered why they all can’t be pristine! I guess you can see why this sensless, illegal and ugly pile of crap has got me so worked up.

Do your part… participate, plan or volunteer in trash clean ups along a river near you! The river you clean, will be your own.

Michael Mauro (@mauromedia on Twitter) nailed my thoughts perfectly with this reply to my original tweet on Sunday “Illegal dumps. I hate ’em. One gets cleaned up by awesome people giving of their time, another pops up. Some people suck.” Well said Michael, well said!

Flylines will sum it up with on of my wifes favorite movie quotes “People suck Grandpa” ~ Angus, 1995

Thanks for playing along, now let’s go fly fishing!

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