Hey there, you stupid asshole in that brown F-250… you should be expecting a visit from the police very soon! Why? Because I just gave them your license plate number and the name of your business.

That’s right! Somebody was watching as you DELIBERATLY ran that cyclist off of the road this morning! You should also know that, that cyclist sufferred a possibly broken wrist, a broken collar bone, several deep cuts to his right leg and probably a concussion from when his head bounced off of the curb. Thankfully he was wearing his helmet! Not to mention, a very mangled bike.

I also want to say that the cyclist, in this case, was doing everything right. He was riding as far right as he could, he signaled his turns, he stopped in he que of cars at that stop light. He was clearly visible, he was wearing a bright yellow jersey, he had front and back flashing lights.

I saw him and I was behind you, so I’m sure you did too. I could go on, but will refrain. Because in the eyes of the law you are innocent until proven guilty!

Thanks for playing along, now watch out for cyclist, and let’s go outside and do something fun!