Like all great ideas, they start with a simple sketch…
The "Yak Rack"

I dreamed this little plan up on Thursday when I found out my dad was coming down for a visit. He drove down from Panhandle, Texas and since It’s an 8 hour drive, I wanted it to be a worth while adventure. Here’s why! He works for a manufacturing shop with all the steel a wannabe yak rack builder could ever dream of!

Just as soon as we got off the phone, I went to the truck… with pad, pencil and tape measure in hand. The picture above is preleminary sketch and future vision of one “Yak Rack” made to order, by me, to custom fit Roscoe (my ’05 Nissan Frontier – NISMO Off Road truck)

 Thanks playing along, now let’s go weld something, then go Fly Fishing from a kayak!

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