Geezus Lizard

Made a stop at Living Waters Fly Shop a couple of weekends ago to snag a few Geezus Lizard flies… (monsters of the deep, might be a better name.) To bass, these things are like beer is to a redneck! They just can’t get enough…

The Geezi's (plural for Geezus'es)

This is a hook-up fly so it fairly snag free, it’s, big, it’s heavy, it casts like a rock, but most importantly it catches bass… BIG bass!

See the video below on how to tie one for yourself.

Long story short… I made an imediate trip to my favorite “Stupid Fish” swimmin’ hole to give the Geezus Lizard a test drive. Second cast into the drink and I pulled this guy out of the water…

Lizard Eater

Fourth cast and Lizard Eaters big brother came out of the cover to play…

Lizard Eaters big brother

Thanks for playing along, now lets go fly fishing and terrorize some bass!

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  1. Very cool! If you like the G-Lizzard…you are gonna love the Texas Ringworm! Would love top send ya some (will be out next year). Cheers, bro!

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