Dinosaur Tracks

"Click the Pic to see 5 more"

As most of you know, I am home alone over this Christmas Holiday, so today… I took a hike! (2 actually) because it was too windy and cold to Fly Fish. First was a 4 mile jaunt along the north side of Lake Georgetown to snag a GeoCache I’ve had my eye on for a while… Found it, logged it, took a toy, added a toy, turned around and headed back to the truck. From there I drove over to a spot I came across several years ago while geocaching. To the infamous Dinosaur Highway cache… (See the Pics ~ yes they’re real!)

I have searched the interwebs far and wide for specific information on these things, but couldn’t find a link as a definitive source to post here. Where are they? On the South Fork of the San Gabriel River, west of US 183, just north of Leander, TX. (If you want more specifics, post a comment or look at the geocache link above) What I did learn is that they were made from a typical bipedal (walks on 2 rear legs) tridactyl (3 toed) dinosaur made anywhere from 80 million to 100 million years ago. Date range is purely an uneducated redneck guess based on things I read regarding Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose, Texas. The pictures are the most defined tracks at this particular location, but there is another set just down stream of these, that I have yet to find. However, I have requested more information on this second set from a trusted, fellow fly fisher, who knows the San Gabriel River well.

Thanks for playing along, even though its not always about Fly Fishing!

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