2010 in Texas “GetOutside” News

I came across the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s list of their Top 10 Conservation News Stories of 2010. Although, not all conservation related, I felt compelled to comment on a few of the stories they mentioned.

While I whole heartedly agree with the BP Oil Spill and the Deepwater Horizon disaster being #1, this year and likely will be for the next couple of years. I am certain that the Gulf Coast region and the local fisherman who survive off of this fishery will face many unforseen and unfortunate repercussions from this disaster for many years to come. That being said… I also whole heartedly agree that mother nature is an amazing creature. I guarantee that she will do everything in her power to turn this region back into the thriving and bustling fishery it was before this incident.

The solving of 18 year old, Justin Wayne Roberts, 8-year-old “murder” case is an amazing story. A prime example of someones guilty conscience getting the better of them and stepping up and doing the right thing, in coming forward with information on the case. Giving his family the closure that I am sure they were looking for. If you don’t know the story; Justin and 2 of his classmates were run over by a another boat while they were fishing, at night, on Lake Buchanan, TX. See the link for more info! 

Two other stories that grabbed my attention… The land acquisitions for Devils River State Natural Area / State Park and the additional land grab that will expand Garner State Park. See the Texas Fly Casters site for more detailed information on the Devils River land deal. The other being the addition of 2 new Paddling Trails in Texas, raising the number of trails to 26. (I’ve got 25 left to paddle in the Floating Habanero!)

I know there are others… The flooding caused by Tropical Storm Hermine, some hurricanes in South Texas and the lack of rain in the last quarter of the year come to mind. If you have others, I would like to hear them.

Thanks for playing along, see you on the outside… doing whatever it is you do on the outside!

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