Bamboo Chopsticks

I’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and get serious about this desire to build bamboo fly rods. I have no idea where to start, the interwebs are full of useful or useless information. There are magazines, videos and books. There are classes and experienced rod builders to learn from. But more importantly, there’s my farm-boy upbringing that is screaming “JUST DO IT”!!!

So… When the wife said “let’s go to the library” I jumped at the idea. A quick search of the library ‘puter pointed me straight to these 2 books (Thanks Dewey Deciaml… whoever that poor guy is!):

Casting A Spell – The Bamboo Fly Rod and the American Pursuit of Perfection, by George Black. And. Fishing Bamboo – One Mans Love Affair with Bamboo Fly Rods, by John Gierach.

Thanks for playing along, gonna go read a couple books now! (It’s too damn cold to Fly Fish anyway.)

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  1. Hi. Nice blog! I can’t really tell you where to start with bamboo fly rod building, but I can show you something that may inspire you to greatness. A local builder near me has a great website showing off his stuff.
    I can’t afford one, but I’d sure love to have one of his rods. Good luck!


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