Last night I made a jaunt over to my favorite golf course fishin’ hole, to top off a nice weekend with some fly fishing. Theres nothing a little bass chasing with a fly rod won’t cure! However, due to an unexpected discovery, I have a bone to pick…

A few notes to whomever is throwing lead jig heads over at my favorite fishing hole:

1. STOP IT! Lead is a known toxin that you wouldn’t have on the walls of you kids rooms or burn in the engine of your car… Why are you throwing it in OUR water? Solution – It’s as simple as this! Lead Free Weights and Jigs go buy them here www.greentackle.com

2. You should know that I pulled this out of the mouth of a 4+ lb largemouth bass last night…


Your lead jig, stuck in my fish!


3. You should also know that I caught said 4+ lb bass on a fly that might be 1/4 the size of your lead monstrosity. Think a Conehead Bunny Muddler in a size 6, but not! To add more insult to your injury… Aforementioned fly was attached firmly to the end of my 5 wt fly line, latched onto my 8’6″ 5wt Orvis TLS Power Matrix, mid flex fly rod. Insert your favorite gear casting insult here; ____________________________!

Thanks for playing along, go buy some lead free tackle… (and maybe, just maybe) I’ll let you come fly fishing with me.

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