Geek in the Creek

The next time you see some geek in the creek, fly fishing and wading in blue jeans and tennis shoes, consider this one fact… He / she might not be some duffus, that has no clue or business being in the water, chunking bugs to any thing that swims! He / she may in fact, just be an ill prepared, experienced fly fisher person that decided on a whim, to ditch work and road trip to a new fishing location with a friend!

Proper fishing attire be damned, fish when you can!

Geek in the Creek (Click for more)

2 Responses

  1. Glad to see the Geek in the Creek photo show up on my Zite app under fly fishing! Liking the wp on swipe theme too.

    1. Have to admit great Idea to just head off in your everyday clothes and fish,however full thermals,waterproofs, kelly kettle,portable gas fire,50 Kg bottle of gas,emergency thermal blanket, required here before I head out.
      Hold on just had an idea that will replace that lot “Now where did I put that bottle of Whiskey and my speedo’s”

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