An Old Friend


It is with a heavy heart tonight that I announce the passing of a dear old friend… Tonight, for the first time I fire up the new Weber – Smokey Joe Grill!

I’ve asked the old Smokey Joe to sit beside the new grill during its inaugural grilling session. In hopes that it might be able to pass on some pearls of wisdom that it has learned during the last 6 years of faithful service. For it has grilled in unbearable Texas heat, and unbearable Chicago cold. It’s now rusted out top grill has left gorgeous grill marks on countless burgers, steaks, and fajitas. Its lid is covered with a layer of crusty smoke residue that some of the top BBQ joints in Texas could only dream of. I’ve dropped you and bent you back into shape. I’ve shoveled knee-deep snow just reach you in single digit temperatures. I’ve watered the grass just so I could use you during times of exceptional drought and fire danger. You’ve served many people some of the best tenderloin filets they’ve ever tasted, burgers to die for and fajitas that are out of this world! We won’t tell anybody about those vegetables you’ve grilled… Doh! I’ve shared more beers with you than 90% of my real friends.

So, so long old friend… Ride off in to the sunset and head for that fluffy charcoal briquette in the sky!

"see you in another life brother"

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