iPad Fly Art – Part 2

In need of a follow up to the iPad Fly Art post from a couple of weeks ago… From here on out, there will be dedicated post for each piece I create. Including back stories and  a personal guarantee, that credit will be given when credit is due!

If you play along on Twitter you might know what I’m talking about. I came across this first one on someone elses site yesterday, void of any credit to me. Emails were exchanged and the issue was resolved amicably. It turns out, they came across the original picture I posted from a repost on someone elses feed on Instagram. In their defense, they were not taking credit for the picture, just commenting on how cool it was! How cool is that?

As much as I love Instagram, I’m realizing it is probably not the best place to share this kind of work!

Spring Fly #4

This one I came across on Bob Frandsen Flies site. This is my representation of his Spring Fly #4 fly. Spend some time on his site, better yet, spend some money! His flies are true works of art in their own right.

Roughfisher's Postmodern Soft Hackle

This one I came across on Jean-Paul Lipton’s (aka RoughFisher) site. This is my representation of his Postmodern Soft Hackle fly. You want to know about catching carp on the fly… Roughfisher is your guy!

Thanks for playing along, look for more iPad Fly Art coming soon, until then get outside and do something fun!

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