Rod Tube

Hey there fishy folks… I have built one of these Rod Tubes that I intend to use in Roscoe. I’m tired of having several, individual rod tubes floating around the back seat of my truck (almost all the time.) This one is made of 4″ pvc pipe, plugged at one end and capped at the other. It will hold 6 rods, in their socks, easily. This one was designed to fit neatly under Roscoes back jump seats. See the last picture.

This was amazingly simple to build and dirt cheap. Of course a coworker gave me the pipe and part of  fittings that comprise the ends. But I’ve priced all of the materials at Home Depot and think 2 of these could be built for under $25 and 2 hours of your time. The handle was braided using some basic parachute cord I picked up REI a while back.

A quick check on YouTube and I found a good “how to” on braiding the handle. If I could find the actual video I would share the link, but I can’t and there is no shortage of vids out there.

I like thing easy, cheap and simple! DIY!!!

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Thanks for playing along, now go protect your rod(s), and get outside and do something fun!

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