Brown Trout Fish Art

Proud to host and introduce you to Airborne Angler! I’ve yet to meet him personally, but we talk regularly on Twitter and we share a passion for Fly Fishing and the art that it inspires. And apparently, a shared interest in all things “iP” related. As in iPad, iPhone etc… I gotta say, he is partly responsible for rekindling my fire and inspirations as an artist. He started the Friday Fish Art movement on Twitter and I “kind of” replaced fish with flies and ran with it.

For those of you that play along over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you know I really like to share pictures (lots of pictures) and my art. In my humble opinion, life is better shared through pictures. Enough from me, keep reading, and I’ll let Airborne show what he has done. It’s quite impressive and is now the wallpaper on my iPhone. Keep up the good work!

By AirborneAngler:

I am always impressed with the FlyArt fellow Austinite Shawn cranks out here on Lines in the Dirt. In fact, I even told him I didn’t like his talent ‘in a good way’. I get jealous, inspired, and awed all at the same time. So being inspired I’ve attempted to play with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro as he does and tried to see what I could do.  But I cheated some as you can see and added a water drop overlay from my iPhone PhotoStudio app.

Brown Trout

What I’ve come up with is my best attempt (and new phone background) at the sexy brown trout I’ve been seeing in all the Vimeo clips and pics online. Do the math on that and you’ve got it- I have yet to catch one. I’ve caught 1 Brookie and plenty of Rainbows but the Brown Trout is still on my MIA list. I am, however, only a first year angler. Accordingly, this consumes my thoughts and has manifested itself here. I hope to find myself in a chance contact fight with one for a quick catch, pic, and release someday.

Until then, I’ll see you on the high ground.


About the AirborneAngler: You can follow this career infantryman and fly thrower on Twitter at @AirborneAngler, or read his fly fishing folly reports/freelance blogging at

Thanks for playing along, I’m going fishing!

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  1. Thanks Shawn, when I hook into one of these you’ll be first to know! Keep up the that great #FlyArt of yours too.


    1. Not yet, after writing the post I realized my next project similar to this will be to make a brookie version. Thanks so much for commenting!

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