Another guest post by our friend @AirborneAngler

I’m claiming artistic license on this one. Purists will argue I have it all wrong and my spots are off with the shot gun pattern spray of halos; but I don’t care. This is my Brookie interpretation and I like it. After all fishing is about enjoying the moment and the chase. (Much like all our short lived high school flings.) At least it is for me anyways. But, I’ve enjoyed attempting this Brook Trout skin after there was a quasi request comment on my Brown Trout piece last week. Same set up on the Sketchbook Pro and watermark overlay with PhotoStudio. On a final note, my first fish experience ended with a pretty Brookie in Estes Park, Co. That’s what has started this crush I have on fly fishing. It’s why I day dream and make wallpapers like this for my phone. Pathetic puppy love with fish; ain’t it grand? What’s your fish story?


See you on the high ground,

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Thanks for playing along, now get outside and do something fun!

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