Something Resembling a Fly

Something completely random for this edition of Fly Art Friday.

With the addition of a new family member, Boomer T. Dog and the other dog’s surgery, I’ve had ZERO time for anything, even closely related to relaxation or the time to create a new iPad Fly Art piece! Not to mention a crazy busy, last couple of weeks at work and the arrival of a new storage shed… My mindset for creativity has barely made it past the decisions to have “one more” cup of coffee or to just dive head-first  into a pool of Dr. Pepper and start swimming toward 4:30 and the commute home.

Long story short… This is what I’ve come up for this week. Call it what you will, I’m going with a  neo-geometrical, not quite postmodernist, haven’t been fly fishing in 2 weeks, something like an impressionist, did I mention I’m tired, abstract sort of thing!

Something Resembling a Fly

Completed entirely on my 3.25 lunch hours this week, using some piece of software you don’t have…

As always – positive feedback, negative comments, public floggings and interwebs ridicule are welcome!

Thanks for playing along, I really need to get outside and do something fun!

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