Going with a hand drawn (quick sketch) fish entry for the first of this weeks fish and fly art posts…

After some deliberation on the Twitters today as to the exact species of this fish we are going with a “(hybrid) definitively a bluegill (maybe)” classification. Caught back in November of 2010, on Lake Georgetown while on a random day off, kayak excursion. Damn, I miss those! 

In the process of id’ing this fish, a biologist friend I worked with in Chicago, sent me this awesome link to the Resource for Researching the Fish of Wisconsin. The site is very ‘interwebs circa 1998’, but is one of the best, content filled, resources for fish identification that I’ve ever come across.

Enjoy the sketch…

(Hybrid) Bluegill (Maybe)
(Hybrid) Bluegill (Maybe)

Original fish…

(Hybrid) Bluegill (Maybe)
Live Version of (Hybrid) Bluegill (Maybe)

Thanks for playing along, now get outside and do something fun!

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