This weeks Fish and Fly Art entries:

Sharpie and Hardi

This was done, in a matter of minutes, on the back of some HardiPanel siding I was cutting, using a Sharpie and a Home Depot construction pencil. I had just done a quick check of the Twitters and saw Jason Borgers, Drawing Fish and Flies 52 entry for week 12. < Click that link for my inspiration! If you don’t follow along with Jason’s and Jeff Kennedy’s – DF&F 52 initiative, YOU SHOULD! These guys do amazing work and are probably the most responsible for me starting to draw and share my weekly entries with the masses!

Tax Evasion

A quick, iPad / Autodesk Sketch Book Pro, sketch I did last night while @EnaSeuss was doing the taxes. Hence the name!

So there you have it, nothing fancy or flashy, just a guy with a sharpie and a finger drawing stuff. Thanks for playing along, please take me outside to do something fun with me this weekend!

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