This weeks Fly Art entry:

The Fly

A bit of iPad fun, merging old school, traditional salmon fly and new some new fangled “Fly” fun. I’ve had a fascination with spey hooks for a while now. With their classic lines and design they just scream class and seem to represent the tradition that is old European fly fishing.

I went through 5 variations of body design on this drawing. Trying to merge what was on the picture I was referencing and what I had in my mind for this drawing. Not being satisfied with the way the feathers and hair that originally made up the flies body were looking and with the matter of time working against me… I flipped through some of the add-on brush options in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and found the bugs and then the FLY pattern and with a few strokes of the stylus, the end result just “flew” into place. Enjoy!

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