This weeks fly art entry:

Purchased this fly at Living Waters Fly Shop a couple of weeks ago with the sole purpose of digitally painting it. This weekend marks the 4 Year Anniversary of our little, local shop! If you live in Central Texas, you should stop by for all the festivities this Saturday and shake hands with Chris, Matt and the crew. Just don’t eat all the BBQ before I get there!

The fly itself is an Umpqua, Millers Mighty Minnow in tan. I’ve yet to dunk it, but it will be drowned soon enough… Technically billed as an all-purpose salt-water fly, I have a feeling, that a largemouth bass or 2 might consider it acceptable for dinner fare as well.

The fly portion of the painting was completed entirely on the iPad using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and the background and watermark was some GIMP handy work. I’ve struggled with the background for all the digital fly drawings I’ve done so far. This time around, I discovered that if you export the painting from Sketchbook, to your Dropbox account, you can save it as a layered, .psd file that allows for better manipulation in your image editing software. Thus, greatly expanding your background options.

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…

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