This weeks art entry:

Earlier this week I was poking around the interwebs looking for some inspiration for this weeks art project. Somewhere in the middle of the ethersphere, I found myself reading back through the “20 Questions” posts’ over on Eat More Brook Trout! Honestly, I wound up laughing more than artfully inspired. These are well worth your time, by the way!

Their photo album however, is where I found the inspiration…

I’ve long held a fascination with the Brook Trout. But, with the consequence of geography that I’ve been dealt and the closest brook trout to Austin being a mere 991 miles east of my front door (+/- a few feet)…So I’ve been told. The realization that my catching one of these on a fly rod was not gonna happen anytime soon, I resorted back to the EMBT photo album and compiled a bunch of images that accurately represent the beautiful brook trout. Then proceeded to create a drawing that only marginally resembles a brook trout. Ya think?

Completed entirely with a 0.5mm pencil, a sketch pad and 3 colored pencils. If inclined you can order prints here LITD on ETSY.

Never be afraid to put yourself out there…Get Out In It! 

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