This weeks fish art entry:


Michigan has sort of dominated my week… My buddy Brandon of OneBugIsFake is moving up there next month, a coworker is considering a move to Ann Arbor, I’ve been reviewing 2 data collection applications from MDOT at work and I was asked by a random reader to design a tattoo of a brown trout chasing an Adams fly with a reference to Michigan. So, hence the state of MI in the drawing.

This started out as a completely digital piece, Microstation to draw the fishes body, ArcMap for the map of MI, with a side of Google Earth for fun…

Trout Over TX

Then last night, I sat down with a Sharpie and let the embellishing begin. I’m working on one more of this pen and ink series of fish drawings. It will be detailed rendition of a Rio Grande Cichlid and that will be next weeks post.

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