This weeks art entry:

This is an amalgamation of 5 different Steelhead Trout pictures I pulled at random from Google Image Search. The body was rough sketched in and the other aspects of the fish were penciled in later. The head, gills, fins, and hand are all parts of a different fish/pic. All hand sketched, and colored with a colored pencil or fine point Sharpie.

I’m looking to do more of these. If you like this and are interested in me sketching one of your trophy fish or hero shots, feel free to Contact me!  We can work out the details…size, color, price…I’m thinking roughly $100 to $200 based on the particulars. Christmas present to yourself, maybe!

The original of this is available directly through me. Contact me directly if you’re interested. (Sold)

One of these hanging on your wall would look awesome! Buy a print ETSY.

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…

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