This weeks art entry – 1 of 2 (#2 Coming over the weekend)

This started as 10 minutes of uninterrupted free time, in the recently electrified man cave / shed. Along with a plugged in scroll saw and my best piece of wood, the rarely seen “Wood Trout” was born…

Then, over the course of the week, with some tracing paper, a pencil, 2 or 3 beers and a dash of acrylic paint later. The Wood Trout took on the flare and flash that only the elusive Wood Trout can.

I’m debating the sale of this one. I should have waited to spray on the clear coat, it didn’t go so well. But, I did have some interest on the Twitters and Instagrams when I was posting update pics. I might work on perfecting the process and hone my skills with the paint brush before I throw some of these up on Etsy. It was a fun learning experience…Look for more stuff like this in the future! If you’re interested in purchasing something like this, I would to hear from you. We can work out a deal on this one if you want it… it stands roughly 3.5″ tall and is 14″ long. Ping me through the Contact page!

Something on a fly box is coming up later this weekend…

This piece just went up for sale on ETSY, there is only ONE and you can buy it HERE!

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