The first art entry for the 2013:

Cut, carved, painted, caught and released in its native environment…The shed!

This fish was cut out and shaped on a table top scroll saw, is 18.5″ long and stands 6″ tall and is 3/4″ thick, cut from a pine plank. All of the painted areas on the piece were carved or cut into the wood and painted or stained. There are 4 different sizes of holes, drilled completely through the piece, to create the spots of the trout. It was then lightly stained and a clear coat, varnish was applied. The back, bottom and part of the top of the piece are painted black.

The piece can either be wall mounted or will stand nicely, on its own, on a fly tying table or on a shelf in your office. The wood trout would make a nice addition to any fishy space.

There is only ONE and it for sale HERE on ETSY! SOLD

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