This weeks fish art entry:


Staying creative has proved difficult so far in 2013, for many reasons. Deaths, missing cats, 1000 mile road trips to do unpleasant things, sick dogs… Just to name a few! But, I refuse to dwell on the negative and focus only on the good. Friday night, I went fly fishing on my favorite golf course and landed my first fish of the year. Then on Saturday, the fly fishing gods granted me 2, unexpected hours on Brushy Creek! Life, my friends, is getting back to normal!

Back to the drawing, completed on the iPad, using, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. Lines on top of a photo, photo set to about 70% transparency, portions of the photo outside the drawn area erased. Completed in less than 2 hours! Draw when you can…

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It

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  1. Love the drawing. You inspire me to try some of these techniques. Glad to hear 2013 is staying with tight lines for you. I have yet to go, in fact it’s been a few months and I’m losing myself! I need to foods that soon.

  2. Man! I dig your stuff. You’ll have to come up to North Texas and get your eyes wrapped around some carp on the flats up here. It’ll stoke your creative fire!

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