The iFin

I’ve been tinkering in the woodshed again…

The iFin

The iFin

I’ve had this idea for a while, but finally think I’ve mastered the concept. The genius behind this – The standard iPad / (other) tablet  holders are rather limited to only having one, maybe two, angels to hold the tablet in. This one can hold it at any position you desire. Cut from a beautiful piece of Grenadilla wood, I picked up at Woodcraft in Austin. It’s a third rendition prototype, but it works flawlessly, in the landscape mode, but not so much in portrait. I’m working on that…

And at the request of The Fiberglass Manifesto, I made a traditional style stand, based on the Tailing Red business card holder idea. I took the tailing fin, laid it flat, cut a groove at a  15 degree angel for his iPad Mini. Carved it and painted it in a TFM Comrade theme. I also cut a slot on the back side that can be utilized as a business card holder. It’s made from an awesome plank of Aripari wood.

The Comrade Edition iPad Mini Holder

in Action

Look for both of these items to be available on my Etsy site very soon.

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In it…


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