It’s been a while since my last post. Sorry about that! I seem to be saying that a lot lately, if I’ve said it to you recently…sorry about that too! Work, home and other commitments have me scrambling to find the time for much in the way of artistic creativity, fishing or social media interaction. I see a light at the end of this tunnel, I’m just hoping it’s not a runaway Mack truck hauling 3 more months of suck! Time will tell…

You’re not here to hear me complain, so on with the good stuff! First up, a Haida art inspired wood trout that was painted 3 times, stripped back down to wood twice and finally painted white, some black, some red, a touch of grey a tad of yellow…Hell, I finally just gave up and clear coated the SOB and posted it to Instagram. Thanks for all the hits over there by the way! Your support is amazing.

Photo Sep 15, 2 46 11 PM

Or as my wife told me the other day, as she ¬†admired this lovely piece of art “You really suck at painting!” Thanks for that honey… Anyway, hand cut, hand carved, hand painted (3 times) and I’m still not entirely happy with it, even though it looks awesome from a distance. Here it is, If you want it, it’s on sale, see below!

We went to Denver for some stuff earlier this week. Guess what, it was wet. I did sneak in a day up in the high mountains and I gotta say, a day above 10,000′ elevation is good for the soul. A day with a giant brown trout in my hand would’ve been better, but hey, the front range has bigger problems right now than me catching its fish! So, here’s the deal – If I sell that fish up there, I’ll donate 100% of the money to a charity involving animal rescues or river / stream restoration along the front range. Or if you have something you strongly believe in, I’m open to suggestion! Ping me and we can work it out.

While I was there, I saw flood damage and I saw stuff like this:

Photo Sep 17, 12 35 06 PM

and I painted stuff like this on the iPad on the plane ride home:

And I painted stuff like this on the iPad on the flight home...

Chips? I came home with a bag of them smashed all to hell in my suitcase!

Thanks for staying with me and playing along! And as always, Never be afraid to put yourself out there (self professed failures and all)…Get Out In It!

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