Welcome to 2014 everyone. I for one, am glad that 2013 is in the rear view mirror and is disappearing like a West Texas sunset. With that said, 2014 is an empty canvas, just waiting to be painted…So lets get started!

This weeks art entry:

Montana Flag - Bull Trout
Montana Flag – Bull Trout

Social media friend @steadyflyfisher, check his site, asked me to create a Bull Trout piece that represent the Montana Flag. So I decided to on something a little different. The Montana flag seems to be a matter of artistic endeavor on a field of blue. So I went with the design above. Each aspect of the center flag design is a separate piece cut out on my jig saw and hand painted. The fish itself is 28″ long and 11″ tall. The dry fly is hand cut from a beautiful piece of granadillo wood and attached by screws to the body.

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…

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