Something came over me yesterday… we made a mad rush through the tool department at Home Depot and a new drill press, a router and a bunch of other cool play toys jumped in my basket!

And then this happened…My first attempt at a Fly Tying Caddy. I’ve planned on making one of these for a year now, but was lacking the tools to make it happen…Not any more! Here is a backwards progression of the process:

Photo Jan 26, 5 18 40 PM

Photo Jan 26, 5 15 00 PM

Photo Jan 25, 9 50 16 AM

Photo Jan 18, 9 56 23 AM

Not bad for a first stab at it. There is room for improvement, but I’m happy with how it turned out! And don’t laugh, but that is the whole of all the fly tying tools I have to my name. I DON’T TIE FLYS!

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…

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