Here by known as the In-For Tree…I sketched this up one night as a wall hanger for a barren, life sucking, fluorescent filled, windowless project room I’ve been working out of at the day job. I took it and ran it through Adobe Illustrator and wound up printing it on our plotter at 48″ X 36″ and hung it up. I think I like it enough to offer it up as prints…Look for it on Etsy soon.

The In-For Tree
The In-For Tree

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Recent Additions

Some of the most recent things to come out of the woodshed.

Colorado Flag Trout w / Fly
Colorado Flag Trout w / Fly

Working on expanding my state flag / fish collection. This is the fourth in a series that I am working on as I get request. See the Art page for the Montana, Arizona and Texas fish. The fish was cut with a CNC Router and it was hand painted. If you would like to order one… Click Here

The Stiper
The Stiper

Hand cut with a jig saw and table top scroll saw from 3/4″ red oak. The final dimensions are 27″ X 11.5″. With a galvanized sheet metal backing. If you would like to order one… Click Here

Never be afraid to put yourself out there…Get Out In It!


Sorry, I know it’s been a while…But, that’s because I’ve been busy.

Was happy to be contacted by Kyle over at NC River Nets about making a trade. We settled on one of my arted up Cliff Boxes for one of his handcrafted, Dan-Tailrace nets. If you’re in the market for a quality handmade fishing net, you owe it to yourself to check out his work. Also, if you ever find yourself needing a guide service while bumming around North Carolina, just click here > NC River Angler!

The goods…

What I sent him...
What I sent him…
What he sent me...
What he sent me…

I consider it a win!

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…and the mail man will bring cool gear to your door!