About Me: Based in central Texas, just north of Austin and the “weird” that accompanies it, I’m mostly a self taught artist drawing on inspiration from my time spent outdoors. My current passions are fly fishing and the art that its beauty, simplicity and sheer frustration can inspire. Being a self prescribed “Nonconformist / Geospatial Practitioner / Artist / Fly Fisher” (not necessarily in that order) there is little in life I would rather do than step into mother natures playground and chase her fish with a fly rod. Drawing, painting, cutting and carving fish and flies was once my outlet to enjoy fly fishing, when actually going fly fishing was not an option. Now it’s a second full time job and time on the water has taken a back seat to the creative process, the art and time spent in the workshop.

Not being a formally trained artist, I pull from my experience in engineering graphics and cartographic design. I find myself focusing on clean, bold lines and vibrant colors. Most would would call it graphic design, I prefer the term ‘engineered art.’ The woodworking provides another dimensions to the artistic design and I love the fact that it is a totally unforgiving one.

Never be afraid to put yourself out there!

About the Site: This site is a vessel for me to share my art work and any thing else I might draw inspiration from.

All artwork on this site was drawn or created by me unless otherwise stated. All the photography on the site is mine and was taken by me unless otherwise stated. Please take some time to look around and share with your friends. I’m fairly open with my work and share across all the social medias, but attribution is ALWAYS appreciated!

At the current time, I can not accept any new commissions.