Here by known as the In-For Tree…I sketched this up one night as a wall hanger for a barren, life sucking, fluorescent filled, windowless project room I’ve been working out of at the day job. I took it and ran it through Adobe Illustrator and wound up printing it on our plotter at 48″ X 36″ and hung it up. I think I like it enough to offer it up as prints…Look for it on Etsy soon.

The In-For Tree
The In-For Tree

Buy prints on Etsy – The Tree

Adventure and Inspiration is wherever you find it…Get lost trying!


If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you may have picked up on their use of ‘Hobo Symbols’ throughout this last season. Read about it HERE. Well, this spurred this idea a few weeks ago and last night, I sat down and hacked away at the graphic below.

I present you: A Hobo’s Guide to Fly Fishing


To see more about Hobo Symbols go…HERE

Buy prints on Etsy – Hobo’s Guide to Fly Fishing

Adventure and inspiration is wherever you find it…Get lost trying!