Bamboo Chopsticks

I’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge and get serious about this desire to build bamboo fly rods. I have no idea where to start, the interwebs are full of useful or useless information. There are magazines, videos and books. There are¬†classes and experienced rod builders to learn from. But more importantly, there’s my farm-boy upbringing that is screaming “JUST DO IT”!!!

So… When the wife said “let’s go to the library” I jumped at the idea. A quick search of the library ‘puter pointed me straight to these 2 books (Thanks Dewey Deciaml… whoever that poor guy is!):

Casting A Spell – The Bamboo Fly Rod and the American Pursuit of Perfection, by George Black. And. Fishing Bamboo – One Mans Love Affair with Bamboo Fly Rods, by John Gierach.

Thanks for playing along, gonna go read a couple books now! (It’s too damn cold to Fly Fish anyway.)