Recent Additions

Some of the most recent things to come out of the woodshed.

Colorado Flag Trout w / Fly
Colorado Flag Trout w / Fly

Working on expanding my state flag / fish collection. This is the fourth in a series that I am working on as I get request. See the Art page for the Montana, Arizona and Texas fish. The fish was cut with a CNC Router and it was hand painted. If you would like to order one… Click Here

The Stiper
The Stiper

Hand cut with a jig saw and table top scroll saw from 3/4″ red oak. The final dimensions are 27″ X 11.5″. With a galvanized sheet metal backing. If you would like to order one… Click Here

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My wife leaves town for a couple of weeks, and this happens…My first foray into making a sculpture.

The Suspicious Fishus – 34″ tall and 35″ wide, the base and supports are rough cut mesquite, and the fish is comprised of maple and red oak. All the pieces were hand cut, sanded and fitted.




This piece is available for sale. Contact me directly for pricing and delivery options.

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A digital piece I came across this week. I started this months ago and had kind of forgotten about it; found it on a thumb drive I dug out of my back pack. I am going to finish it up this week and have prints ready for Troutfest.


This is one of the eagles in the drawing above. It takes the manipulation of every one of those curves in the background to make just one of the birds; just imagine what it takes to create the full image…It’s a bit overwhelming when you think about it!


Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…


This weeks art entry:

Photo Oct 16, 5 58 11 PM

This is not an original layout. A quick Google search for Haida Fish Art will cough up several images that look like this. The circular pattern was copied but the design work inside, is mine. Completely hand sketched and colored. I find myself drawn to this style of art even though I know nothing about it, other than I like it. Life is about learning right? Time to hit the books…

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It…

Back in Production

It’s time that I get back on a weekly posting schedule…So this weeks art entries, that’s right, ENTRIES are below!

Photo Oct 04, 9 22 41 PM

That’s the random stuff I drew this week…A Permit, A Snook, Another Snook and the Yin and Yang Tarpons. Some digital, as in done in AutoCAD and 2 hand sketches.


And that’s something I cut and carved over the last three weeks…

On a side note, I REALLY need to go fly fishing!!

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The first art entry for the 2013:

Cut, carved, painted, caught and released in its native environment…The shed!

This fish was cut out and shaped on a table top scroll saw, is 18.5″ long and stands 6″ tall and is 3/4″ thick, cut from a pine plank. All of the painted areas on the piece were carved or cut into the wood and painted or stained. There are 4 different sizes of holes, drilled completely through the piece, to create the spots of the trout. It was then lightly stained and a clear coat, varnish was applied. The back, bottom and part of the top of the piece are painted black.

The piece can either be wall mounted or will stand nicely, on its own, on a fly tying table or on a shelf in your office. The wood trout would make a nice addition to any fishy space.

There is only ONE and it for sale HERE on ETSY! SOLD

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This weeks Fish Art entry:

An iPad rendition of The Guadie caught during FlyStock earlier this year.

The Guadie Redo

Just needed to sit quietly and kill some time today. This seemed like a fine way to do that. The evil red eye is a play on the week I’ve had. I’m tired, a little cranky and in need of a good nap! — Completed entirely on the iPad using Autodesk Sketch Book Pro.

Never be afraid to put yourself out there! Get Out In It