Something Resembling a Fly

Something completely random for this edition of Fly Art Friday.

With the addition of a new family member, Boomer T. Dog and the other dog’s surgery, I’ve had ZERO time for anything, even closely related to relaxation or the time to create a new iPad Fly Art piece! Not to mention a crazy busy, last couple of weeks at work and the arrival of a new storage shed… My mindset for creativity has barely made it past the decisions to have “one more” cup of coffee or to just dive head-first  into a pool of Dr. Pepper and start swimming toward 4:30 and the commute home.

Long story short… This is what I’ve come up for this week. Call it what you will, I’m going with a  neo-geometrical, not quite postmodernist, haven’t been fly fishing in 2 weeks, something like an impressionist, did I mention I’m tired, abstract sort of thing!

Something Resembling a Fly

Completed entirely on my 3.25 lunch hours this week, using some piece of software you don’t have…

As always – positive feedback, negative comments, public floggings and interwebs ridicule are welcome!

Thanks for playing along, I really need to get outside and do something fun!


Below is a 5 step guide to catching fish without a boat…

Step 1 – Pick a lake, pond, stream, river, bath tub, neighbors pool, neighbors aquarium… anything that may contain fish.

Step 2 – Get a map of selected location… Google Earth is your friend! Also try Fly Fish Map and Bing Maps for the birds eye view… there is no shortage of online and printed maps out there. Finding the service or source that works best for you, well, that’s up to you.

Step 3 – Pack you gear. The Necessities; Rod, Reel, Line, Flies, YOU and a great sense of adventure. (peanut butter sandwiches and a beer)

Step 4 – Hike, bike, drive, swim, fly, surf, sky dive, rent a submarine (technically not a boat – since it sinks… plus it would be damn hard to fly fish from) to get to selected location. Dont be afraid to go off trail here… when I come to a fork in the trail FlyLines always goes left, but left aint always right.

Step 5 – Catch Fish, have fun, catch fish, have fun, catch fish… Not necessarily in that order

Step 5.1 – Return to your car, truck, home, cave, dog house, RV, trailer in the woods… your humble abode without any fishes, because Catch and Release is more than a bad movie with Jennifer Garner and a mild Fly Fishing undertone.

Step 6 – OK, I know I said 5 but then check out Diablo Paddlesports because Step 4 is a giant pain in the bass!

Thanks for playing along, now lets go Fly Fishing!