Mimbres Pottery

Welcome back! If you follow along, I apologize for the hiatus in content as of late. We took a week off last September and made a trip to bum around northern New Mexico, and while there, I came across a book on Mimbres Pottery. I’ve been struck by the simplicity and beauty of their designs ever since. As a challenge to myself and as a way to step out of the “Fly Fishing” only art. I’ve decided to commit myself to create 12 pieces inspired by this new found style. The combination of learning the history of these people, the natural aesthetics of the region, and using the latest technology to reimagine their work has given me much pleasure in last few months. These are the first 4 of what will be the 12 piece commitment. Enjoy.

Logo Art

Some other logo / graphic design pieces I’ve done over the last month…

Look Up

Needed a new header image, so I combined 2 pieces into 1. Both pieces drawn and pieced together using Microstation, a drafting / engineering program, it’s very capable for basic (and probably very advanced) graphic design.

Tenkara Fly

This one was also done using Microstation and then exported as a .jpeg. To get the shaded effect, I applied the “Earlybird” filter to the image in Instagram and posted it through my iPhone.

Microcaddis (Warhol Edition)

This one is my own design. I had just came across the Ditpic app on my iPhone when I finished the first drawing in Microstation. From there I used ColorBrewer (a guide for selecting color schemes for maps and cartography) to select the colors. Then some copying, mirroring and rotating was applied to get the final layout. The same Earlybird filter was applied in Instagram.

Airborne Angler

This one I did for a Twitter friend. Airborne Angler was in need of a new avatar, this is what he got. Done using Microtation, and the same Earlybird filter on Instagram gave it an awesome and unexpected look.

Thanks for playing along, now I’m going to get outside and do something fun! It’s 80 degrees in January after all…