This weeks fish art entry comes from some inspiration I caught last weekend at FlyStock, out on the Llano River. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Brandon Robinson, of One Bug Is Fake fame, for all of his hard work and efforts in organizing and hosting this great event! It got me out of the house and out of yard work for a day, fly fishing on “new to me” water, hooked up to my biggest Guadalupe Bass ever, turned on to some awesome new music and a tad bit sun burned. In my eyes…that’s a smashing success! Thanks again my friend!

On with the show – This weeks entry…Hand drawn, Guadalupe Bass, chasing a Slump Buster. Completed entirely with a mechanical, 0.7 mm, Skilcraft pencil…(with some iPhone, Photoshop app, magic applied)

The Guadie
Guadalupe Bass

And the fish in all of it’s glory…

The Real Guadie

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Crazy Charlie

I picked up a couple of Crazy Charlie’s recently, while at a big box store with a name that starts with C. These are specifically designed to be Bone Fish flies, but with the weedy / algae prone nature of my local fly fishing haunts here in  Central Texas, I thought they may spur some bass and panfish strikes as well. Let’s face it.. bass are stupid fish, and when properly provoked, will eat damn near anything!

The drawing below loosely represents one of the CC’s I bought and recently fished with on the San Gabriel River east of Georgetown, TX. And just as I suspected, it enticed a couple of strikes from several small Guadalupe Bass. These little guys are by far some of the most spirited, hard fighting and beautiful fish swimming in our local waters and are truly a pleasure to catch on a 3 / 4 wt. fly rod…

Crazy Charlie
Crazy Charlie

Completed entirely on the iPad using the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro app and GIMP to insert the water mark.

One of Guads that Crazy Charlie fooled...

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